Are Synthesizers Too Easy? By Joe The Mutant @JoeAlsip

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Are Synthesizers Too Easy? 12/16/2017

Greetings Mutants! Today's blog post tackles an issue we have all been forced to confront at some point in our careers as electronic music aficionados. It's usually the same type of person, stuck up, arrogant, usually a fan of metal or anything else involving a guitar or so called “real” instruments, who upon hearing that you favor synthesizer music usually exclaims proudly that your music is “too easy” and or “not real music”, etc...

The assertion being that because learning a guitar is supposedly harder than learning a synthesizer that guitar music must be inherently superior. So to combat this erroneous assertion we must break down the argument this self proclaimed “god” of music is making. We find two main points, that playing a guitar is in fact harder than utilizing a synthesizer and that if a given form of music is more difficult to produce it therefore contains more value.

Is learning a guitar harder than learning a synthesizer? In some respects the honest answer is yes but not always. For one thing guitar players are usually members of bands of three or more musicians, whereas the synthesizer musician quite often performs alone. Therefore it is not merely the playing of the individual instrument we must contend with it is the production of the end product. A topical electronic musician must do it all, they must compose everything from the bass, rhythm, melody and in many cases perform his or her own vocals. The guitarist on the other hand only has to concern himself with his own small part of the music.

The second point of contention, that a form of music is better simply because it is harder is also an obvious fallacy. If this were the case wouldn't we all be listening to classical music? Sure Mr. Guitar God may have spent his four years in high school learning his instrument but what of the classical pianist who starts learning at the age of 8 and in many instances must attend an actual college in order to master their instrument? Shouldn't “guitar guy” concede that like the comparison of electronic music to metal that metal when compared to classical music renders *his music as too easy?

In conclusion you also have to look at the motivation behind such an assertion. We all know the type. Someone who gets off on seeming to know more than the next. This sort of value judgment is ultimately not even really about music but about ego. In the end do we really care what anybody else thinks about our music? I will continue to listen to electronic music because to me it sounds the best, I won't listen to a form of music that doesn't sound as good simply because it is harder to produce. This is art, not a sporting event. In my mind skill will always take a back seat to aesthetics.


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